So, I am not a self-taught artist. For more on that read here. Buuuuut, I believe that means that if you really want to be able to draw, you can learn whether it be by having a teacher or yes even on your own. The key is doing it. Again, and again, and again, and yes again.

Every piece of art you create makes you a little better each time. The degree of improvement is so tiny however that it's almost impossible to see for your self from one drawing to the next. But looking at two drawing done years apart, you will see the difference. If you've drawn stuff between that length of time of course. You can't just draw nothing and then expect a change years later. Doesn't work that way.

So here I provide some motivation for me to continue in my Artistic endeavors in trying to get a little better one drawing, painting or whatever, at a time.

Original post here

Original post here

Progress pic here

Original post where I show the drawnig in different stages, here

First nose! Drawing stages found here

Nose 2. Original post here

Nose 3. Original post here
First lips. Post here.

Lips 2. Original post here

Lips 3. Original post

Lips 4. Original post.
George Clooney's Hair. I complain about it here.
Charcoal nose. Very happy with this one.

Eye done in charcoal

First official portrait. Graphite and pencil.

Back to basics. Read here.

And if you're interested you can follow more progress pics as they happen on my Instagram(@littlecely), Tumblr(thelittlecely) or Twitter (@cely27).


  1. Just came across your blog on the "A to Z Challenge" list! I am so in awe of your sketches! You have an amazing talent!! Kudos!

    1. Thank you so much! I might include some drawings for some of the letters, like N for noses and L for lips for the "A to Z Challenge". I'll do my best to work up to a portrait by the end of the month and draw a person whose name starts with one of the final letters.

  2. You're talented! Doesn't matter if you're self-taught or not.
    Your skill makes me want to hide my cartoons.

    J.L. Campbell writes at The Character Depot
    and the Jamaican Kid Lit Blog.

    1. Thank you so much! And I just saw some of your cartoons and they are fun and witty. You're creating something new while I'm copying something I'm looking at so no need for hiding anything! (n_n)

  3. You draw AMAZINGLY! I'm completely blown away. I love the eyes, I can really see the emotion in them.

    Do you draw using other mediums? And are these copied from a photo, from life, from another drawing?

    1. Thank you!! I would like to draw in charcoal as well but if you learn to draw in pencil first then charcoal is easier. They are copied from photographs, I can't draw anything like that from my mind alone. I'm a very slow human printer if you will.

  4. You are an amazing artist dear Cely. I love them all .They are so perfect in every way. I draw too but I have never succeeded in drawing realistic human faces .I would love to learn it from you. I am so looking forward to see more drawings of yours :)



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