Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 1 of 30 Days of Brave: I AM INSPIRED

What inspires me?


There are many things that inspire me: my husband, a good story, Arya's happiness (for those that don't know Arya is my doofus of a dog), my friend's and family's ambitions, and most recently the soreness in most of the muscles in my body after my first ever pole dancing class.

The problem however, is that while there is no lack of inspiration going around, my motivation is sometimes lacking. What keeps me from harnessing the inspiration around me and using it to propel me forward? It's quite simple really: fear.

This is why just yesterday, as I was scrolling through Facebook procrastinating life, I took pause when I saw a post "recommended for me" inviting me to sign up for a free 30 Days of Brave Challenge. What did I have to lose? It was free after all, and who couldn't do with a bit more bravery in their lives?

For 30 days I'll be receiving an e-mail each morning with the day's Brave Act, some words of affirmation and a journal prompt for the day. As I was going through the e-mail I thought that this was worth sharing; the challenge in and of itself but also my journey through it. This would be a great exercise in bravery.

Out of the things that inspire you, choose one that sticks out. What is it about that one thing that sparks a flame inside you?


Day 1 and I'm already upside down!

Going to the pole dancing class greatly inspired me. It was so much fun and I felt great doing it. I came home with some bruises and since Sunday my muscles have been screaming. My favorite part was that while doing it you're celebrating your body just as it is. Sure, the more you do it the stronger you'll become but in the moment itself you are celebrating who you are in all your glory.

Every other exercise program or routine I've done in the past, I end up only focusing on trying to get results. My patience is then tested and if I don't see results soon enough I get discouraged, or if I miss a day or backtrack I feel like a failure. Discouraged, I soon quit. 

But since going to the class on Sunday, I've made it a point to also go to the gym and complement the class with cardio, stretches and some circuit workouts. I want to work up to doing the cooler tricks, spins and stunts. 

I've made a point of not comparing how my body will change. I won't measure my waist, I won't weigh in, no before and after pictures. Because it's not about that. It's about loving my body the way it is now. Being who I am at this very moment. If I change with time, then awesome. But what's the point of striving for a you that doesn't yet exist? When I love someone I love them unconditionally, just as they are at that very moment. I deserve nothing less, especially from myself.

What's the end goal?

There are many things I'd like to be doing. I want to write more, I want to be more creative, I want to be more active, I want to grow the business with my husband. Above all though, I want to love myself.

I'm glad I stumbled on this challenge. Already it's having a positive effect and we'll see if it continues to do so.

Follow me if you'd like and maybe start your own challenge if you're so inclined. I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Your commitments are ever so inspiring. I'm looking foward to following your progress and your impressions as you fulfill that progress. Congratulations, Love! You've made a wise and beautifully challenging decision



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