Monday, February 22, 2016

Meet Kitty!

Yep That's Her Name

Kitty and Bruce on her first day home.

We adopted a cat!!!

Bruce and I are still waiting to hear from a puppy we put in an application for but during the wait we decided that we also wanted to have a cat in our lives. Bruce has always been more of a cat person and while I gravitate more towards dogs, I love all cute animals.

So last Saturday we dropped in to St. John’s Humane Services to look at the kitties. Many of them were actually under the weather so we were limited to a pair of kittens and the female cat room.

There was an adorable black kitten that we considered since Bruce would have liked to have a black cat but when we asked about her, there had already been someone who had put in an application. Now experience has taught me that if someone turns in an app before you then your chances of getting that pet are considerably lower. And hey there are tons of cats waiting for loving people to give them a home. We decided to continue our search.

In the female cat room there were plenty of cute fur balls to choose from. Most of them were just chillin’ out, as cats are prone to do while a few were a bit more curious about who we were. Kitty was one of them. She was the most affectionate of the bunch. I took her in my arms and she turned into a purring machine. Bruce liked her the best so we put in an application.

We went home and I anxiously waited for the call to hear if we were approved as the new fur parents of this awesome 2 year-old, spayed Kitty who had been at the shelter since early December.

We got the call Tuesday morning. We went out early afternoon to buy her food, litter box, a few toys and anything else she might need and then went to pick her up. She was confused at first, the shelter had been her home for over two months and suddenly she is being microchipped having other stuff done to her and then being put in a crate and taken to a strange place.

Coming home she explored around the house, wary at first but soon the concerned and nervous meows turned into purrs of contentment. Now almost a week in she is happy and loved and super playful. Her favourite toys being rubber bands and my hair ties. Yesterday she brought me one of my socks as a present. Very proud of herself she was.

Happy and Content Kitty

Kitty is one of the friendliest and sweetest cats I’ve known. We couldn’t have asked for a better cat to welcome into our home. She’s accepted us as her new family and we love her so much already.

Animals are awesome!

Hugs and head rubs from LittleCely and Kitty


  1. Welcome Kitty!! Wishing you all a lot of fun together.

  2. Nice. :) Looking forward to reading your posts in the challenge. I shall be participating too. Do check out my blog



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