Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool - A No Spoilers Film Review

A Movie 11 Years in the Making

A Super Hero Movie Not for Kids

Thursday night I watched the 10pm IMAX screening of Deadpool in St. John's. I dragged my husband along and he actually kinda liked it. I thought he would, because I know his humor can be a bit twisted and dark at times, and then at others, ridiculously punny. In fact he is a master of puns; that's one of the reasons I love him.

Anyhoo, as a big fan of Mr. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, I will be the first to say point blank, that he isn't for everyone. There is a reason Ryan Wilson (Deadpool) and company had to wait 11 years to make this movie a reality: he's violent and foul mouthed and does not shy away from killing his enemies. FOX just didn't think an R-rated super hero movie would sell.

But after some test footage "leaked" online and the fans went wild, the studio couldn't ignore it any longer. And it's paid off.  As I'm writing this the movie is projected to break $150 million this holiday weekend. Not bad at all. (source)

The plot isn't anything out of the ordinary. You get an origin story and a "heroic" rescue; as you would. The reason you watch the movie is for Deadpool as a character and the shenanigans he get's into. He's rough, raw and breaking the fourth wall and making you laugh all along the way. There are also some favorite side characters from the comics who were cast perfectly.

I loved watching it. Seeing my favorite Marvel anti-hero on the big screen was great. There is a complexity to the character underneath all his humor and wit. That's the reason I love him, and it doesn't hurt that he is a confirmed pansexual (Deadpool Represent!). You will get some hints of that throughout the movie if you know what you're looking for.

Oh and if you do decide to watch the movie, stay until the credits roll. You will be treated to an extra cut scene and no one wants to miss one of those. And as with any Marvel movie, keep an eye out for a special cameo by a special person...

Kisses, Hugs and Chimichangas for all! (Deadpool's favorite food)


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