Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School

And Back to Blogging!

So August blogging was a bust! But a new month has already started as well as a new school year. And yes it has been a few years since I actually went to school, but now I'm back! And as a substitute teacher no less.

I've taught English and Spanish as second languages since University and for a while now I've been wanting to do something a little different. I still wanted to teach but I wanted to work with the younger faction of our species.

I've taught kids and teenagers before and I enjoyed it so much more than all the times I had ever taught adults. Nothing against adults really, it's just that they're a little... you know,....

no I take that back, kids are just more fun to teach and are awesome human beings. Granted, they're not perfect but that just adds to their charm.

I've found an international school close to where I live here in Doha and so far have subbed as a TA for a 2nd grade class. I'm scheduled to take over third grade on Sunday (assistant also I think)!

They're impressed with how well I get on and handle the kids so I'll be recommended as a tutor as well. I passed on my CV to the middle school and high school section today and will hopefully have a chance to sub over there soon. 

I'm actually quite excited about being a sub. I don't have all the responsibilities of a full fledged teacher and I get to teach different subjects to different grades. All in all, I'm pretty psyched!

 Posts to Look Forward to:

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  1. Hi Cely .. that sounds brilliant - a stroke of luck, that you've fully embraced ... carry on enjoying your teaching passion .. cheers Hilary

  2. Carry on!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC ?? Let me know if you follow i'll follow you back!

  3. Good luck back to school. The kids are lucky to have you as their teacher.



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