Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Suicide Shop

A Movie Review

The other day as I was flipping through channels with the guide menu on (where I can read the name of the movie and a short summary), I stopped at The Suicide Shop because it sounded a bit morbid and what I saw on my screen was animation. 

Now I love me a good animation and this intrigued me: a story about a family who owns a suicide shop in a city where the majority of the population are chronically depressed. So depressed that suicide is an everyday thing. It is so frequent that they have to make it illegal for suicides to take place in public places. So if you kill yourself on a public street or a park, you are fined (well your relatives are).

The plot in this particular movie however has to do with the family's youngest son who is born happy. He is always smiling, wishes people good day and simply loves life. Which according to his parents is bad for business. 

Now the movie I saw on TV was already started and it was in French with no subtitles (I get weird channels here). My French unfortunately is not good enough to understand everything that they were saying but I got the gist of some things (Yay! My intensive year of French back in the day).

I then proceed to find the movie on the Internet to watch it again, with subtitles and from the beginning. If there was a way for me to rent it here in Tehran I would but my options are limited so I had to go the downloading route.

My thoughts

It is a trippy movie and a bit morbid don't get me wrong, but I was strangely fascinated by it. The animation style was interesting and engaging and the music wasn't half bad. Did I mention it's a musical? It's a musical!

This movie however is NOT intended for young children. There are a few scenes which are questionable even by adult standards. In one scene the dad who can't stand the happiness of the son  convinces him that smoking is good for you and gives him a cigarette. His friends (who are also unusually happy) take his cigarettes away because they are bad for his health and tell him he's been tricked.

The story was a little weird but ultimately I kinda liked it. It was weird enough to work (strange scenes aside). The ending was sweet and the message overall was I guess a good one.


Do I recommend this movie? Yes, if you want to watch something different and you enjoy the occasional animation made for adults. If you do watch it do so without children. The Suicide Shop is a movie more for those who are not easily offended by dark humor and can see the comedy and/or seriousness beneath it.

Oh and interesting fact: the movie is based on a book. One which I've decided to add to my to be read list.

Are you a fan of dark humor? Would this be the kind of movie you would watch? Tell me what you think.

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  1. Animation for adults? I don't think I've ever seen a movie that fits that description. All I can think of is South Park: The Movie!

    1. Really? Well that idea does seem to be more popular outside the US and the West in particular. There are plenty of Asian films and series that are animations that are not intended for children for example.

      I love them! although there are some really strange ones.

  2. That sounds like a wild movie, lol. I'm intrigued by the premise though-I may have to watch it now :)

    1. You should and if you do let me know what you think. I'd love to know your take on such a strange movie.

  3. Hi Cely - I have to say this looked interesting .. and interesting! Cheers Hilary



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