Sunday, May 4, 2014

ROW80 Goals
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I noticed during the A to Z Blogging Challenge what I've known all along. I tend to be more disciplined when I am held accountable in some fashion. So when I read about ROW80 over on Celine Jeanjean's Blog I knew I had to be a part of it.

ROW80: A Round of Words in 80 Days, is a different kind of writing challenge. You set your own goals (as long as they are measurable) within a time frame of 80 days. The challenge is held four times a year and they are currently on round 2.

This round started back in April 7th but you are free to join whenever you please. All you have to do is link your goals post to their website on one of the check-in days; Sunday or Wednesday. Once that's done you use the subsequent check-in days to update others on your progress.

What really caught my attention about this challenge is that it is very flexible. You are free to update or tweak your goals as you go along. And there are those who don't limit their goal setting to just writing. I thought this was great and decided to give it a go.

Writing Goals

So lately my creative writing has come to a stand still so I thought that for this first week I would concentrate on word vomiting (Celine used this term and I really liked it). Simply writing. Writing for an hour a day, seven days a week.

I sometimes get stuck on thinking about structure or research for too long and push writing back a bit. It takes me a bit to get into the flow of writing but once I'm there I love it. So this week is about simply getting into that zone.

Reading Goals

I've added a page to my blog dedicated to the Book Blogger Summer Reading Program hosted on Katie's Book Blog. From now until the beginning of September I've set myself the goal of reading 17 books. This translates to a book a week.

After finishing each book I will write a review post here on my blog.

Blogging Goals

A blog post four times a week at least. If I have more to write about great! But I want four to be the limit. This includes but is not limited to a drawing post, a book review, at least one ROW80 update and flash friday (flash fiction meme).

Personal Goals

Exercise: I've stopped for almost a month now and I'm afraid my mini muscles will disappear. It also does wonders for keeping my depression at bay so starting tomorrow I start up the Insanity Program again. This time however I will focus on just finishing the first month. If at the end of the month I feel like continuing I will. If not I will do some other form of exercise.

Drawing: I have drawing class twice a week and I should really stop procrastinating my work for the day before the lesson so I want to draw 2 hours a day. Why does drawing get more time than writing? The style I draw in demands at least that to be taken seriously.

WaniKani: WaniKani is a website where you can practice Japanese characters called kanji. I've been slacking on my kanji lately and I need to visit this site at least once a day. I'm currently on level 8 and would like to be completing level 9 by the end of June.


Okay so those are my goals. They are doable I just need the accountability factor to keep me going. Whoo let's get to it then shall we?

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  1. You have some great goals! I also realized through the A-Z challenge that I needed to put some sort of schedule together for my blog, to help make things running smoothly :) I'm aiming to post 4-5 times a week, now that the challenge is done. We'll see how it goes!

    And I hear you on the exercise-my strength training is not only an important part of my weight loss maintenance plan, but I also love the way it lifts my mood!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, goals help things run smoothly and today I started up exercise again and it was tough but fun. I'm always glad I did it after the fact.

  2. There was a challenge I did back in my romance writing days where you wrote 100 words for 100 days in a row, no excuses. I think I made it pretty far, but it feel apart during a vacation to Disney World! It is a good concept, though. 100 words isn't many words at all and you find if you make yourself write even a couple of paragraphs a day on your WIP, it stays fresh on your mind.

    1. That sounds like a neat challenge. And you're right, even a few words can really make a difference.

  3. Getting something on paper (real or virtual) is typically a good way to get started. Have fun word vomiting!


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting John. I will do my best!

  4. YAY!! I'm so glad you joined ROW80, was clicking through te linky list and got super excited to wind up at your blog.

    Let's see how we both get on, since we joined together, we can keep each other extra accountable ;)

    Word vomiting is great, although I find it hard to do. It's hard sometimes to turn off the judgemental voice inside my head - owtheriwse known as the inner editor. Hope it works for you though :)

    And I'm with you on the exercise, I find that if I start my day exercising I feel so good for the rest of the day! What's the insanity program by the way? My form of exercise is hiking, I love getting outdoors, but also once I'm half way through a hike I can't slack off, I have no choice but to finish it ;).

    Good luck with ROW80, looking forward to hearing all about your progress!

    1. I know! It's great to know that someone you know (at least virtually) is doing a new challenge with you. This will be extra fun (n_n)b

      My inner editor can be a pain but I also know that I need to word vomit every now and then and this first week is a good place to start.

      Insanity is a workout program. It's about 12 different videos and you have to follow a certain schedule. It is super tough but you get great results if you stick with it. I did it once before, I didn't lose too much weight but my body recompositioned itself and I looked thinner and leaner. I really want to start doing some weight lifting but I'll wait until I move to Qatar for that. In the mean time Insanity is pretty good. You can google it and you will find a ton of info on it.

      I'm not sure if I'll update twice a week with ROW80 but definitley weekly. We'll see. =)

  5. Welcome to the ROW80. You're right about holding yourself accountable for your progress. The little steps all add up, but sometimes it's hard to keep track with out a clear sense of direction. Making (and keeping) a set of concise goals helps a lot.



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