Thursday, April 24, 2014

"T" is for Teacher

Teacher Born on Teacher's Day

May 15th is National Teacher's Day in Mexico. It is a mini holiday (I say mini because nobody actually gets the day off) where as the name suggests, we take a moment to appreciate the teachers in our lives.

If the day happens to fall under a weekday some schools will turn it into a half day. The morning is dedicated to a few lessons and the afternoon is taken over by the students who have prepared something special for the teacher's, usually a show of some kind.

Schools who don't have half days will still celebrate the holiday in some form or another. Students, for example are encouraged by parents to bring small gifts to their teachers in thanks for all that they've done.

My birthday happens to be on Mexican Teacher's Day. And as it happens, I'm a teacher as well. I teach English and Spanish as second languages in private individual and group lessons. I really enjoy seeing my students improve and while I do like teaching adults, I feel an extra surge of pride watching the kids I teach.

I've taught kids from 6 to 17 years old and have been lucky enough, for the most part, that they have been interested enough in learning what I have to teach. 

Are there any special holidays or days celebrating teachers in your country? Do you remember your favorite teacher?


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  1. Hi Cely .. that's a nice way of celebrating teachers and giving the students an opportunity to take the initiative. So pleased you enjoy what you do .. and I'm sure watching your students succeed must be so encouraging ... The school lessons I most enjoyed were geography and sport taught by the same teacher ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary. The lessons you enjoy the most are usually taught by great teachers.

  2. We homeschool, so my wife would love any kind of teacher appreciation! :)

    1. My Dad always called my Grandma on teacher´s day because she was the first teacher he ever had. Parents definitely qualify =)



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