Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Walking Dead Season 4 is Awesome!


Honing in on Character Development

 I love me a good dystopian universe. But what grabs my attention more than anything else are the characters set in that hard-to-live-in environment. It's the exploration and analysis of human nature that I find most fascinating. Because while a variety of different people will react differently to any given situation, there are common threads that can be found residing in all of us as human beings. Which is probably why I never feel completely satisfied after watching The Walking Dead without my weekly dose of The Talking Dead to compliment it and help me digest the latest episode. And these last couple of episodes have needed quite a bit of digestion.

The second half of season four has our beloved main characters scattered, drifting and grasping desperately for purpose. Many of them are fighting internal battles within themselves as well as the walkers they come across. They are forced to deal, one way or another, with great loss. The loss of their home, moral compass (Hershel) and their community.

The importance of emotional ties and hope have been especially strong themes lately. What do you do in a world where the threat of death refuses to be ignored? The second you feel comfortable or safe, that danger takes something from you as if in punishment for having the nerve of putting it to one side. But what is life without hope but a living walker surviving on fumes?

All Roads Lead to Terminus

 Most of the characters are now headed for Terminus. What will happen when Rick sees Carol with Tyreese! Who will arrive first? Will others ever even make it? Somehow I can't see anyone dying just yet.

The character I'm most worried for at the moment is Daryl. Beth seemed to be the only thing keeping him going. She was giving him hope and purpose and for just a split second he got comfortable and content and she was taken away from him. Will the creeper gang head towards Terminus as well? Or will Daryl leave them after he gets to know them a little better?

For some reason I think Beth is headed to Terminus. The car could have left her to the walkers but... forced her to safety? I'm not sure, but my initial prediction is that it was the same person who kept that house spotless and fully stocked.

I'm hoping to see more of Lizzie soon. I think she is a bit misunderstood and I find her very interesting. I don't condone her creepy behaviour but I think there is more to her than just "a messed up kid." Which she is, when held up to "normal" standards. But what kind of children is the zombie apocalypse capable of raising?

And finally, if the cause of this whole mess is looming for a grand reveal... will it even make a difference knowing? Even if a cure is possible, how long would that take? 

If you have any comments, predictions or interpretations you would like to share with a fellow fangirl of the series I would love to read them. Meanwhile we have three more episodes until the season finale and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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