Monday, March 10, 2014

Stegner Fellowship Fail

A photographer friend of mine (Dipa!) shared the above quote with me after showing me some of his newer works. He keeps it in his hard-drive along with his collection of movies, works of art, and other miscellaneous files, as a source of motivation. He felt that I would be able to benefit from having it as well. He was right of course.

That very same day (the 8th of March) I had received an e-mail from Stanford University informing me that they were unable to offer me a place in their Creative Writing Program. Granted, a Stegner Fellowship is not easy to land with only ten spots offered a year.

I knew from the beginning that it would be a long shot. I was applying for a fellowship that almost two thousand people apply for each year and only five poets and five fiction writers are chosen for. But I was still disappointed despite myself.

I got over it surprisingly quickly though, especially after seeing this quote. I decided to try again next year but this time I would be better prepared. I hadn't heard of the fellowship before and when I discovered it I had two weeks to put my application and manuscript together. One of the short stories I sent in I was very proud of. The other two were okay but maybe not Stegner quality...

I will share my short stories here on my blog to get them out there and to give me incentive to continue writing, at the very least, one short story a month. Changes are coming in my life and I want to embrace them.

While this will not be any guarantee that I will be successful in my second attempt at a Stegner Fellowship, it will be a rewarding experience in and of itself. I enjoy writing and creating but I haven't done nearly enough of it to get me to the level that I want to be.

I need to create more to elevate my work to match my tastes and I am looking forward to doing so.

This Thursday I will post the first part of my short story "The Meadow in the Park." A story of two star crossed lovers in a world where their relationship is seen as wrong and unnatural.

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