Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Well Color Me Surprised

Holy Madonna!

As a student of mine likes to say, "Holy Madonna!" 

I haven't been able to open my blog with or without using VPN or a proxy here in Iran for MONTHS. No blogs using blogspot or blogger in their url would open and it was very frustrating. However, by chance I managed to open a website using blogger and I thought to myself, No?! Could it be? And I typed in my blog and lo and behold it opened.
Was it just a freak accident going on with my computer? My brothers PC didn't seem to have a problem with opening blogs, 9gag or tumblr when using VPN but my computer on the other hand, just wouldn't let me.

But now, as I'm writing I'm running the tests and all my favorite websites work are open to me again. However, they come at a time when I was actually okay without having those temptations to distract me. I'm working on a project that needs me to keep sites like 9gag and tumblr at bay.

Well I will just have to rely on my power of will this time but at least I'll be able to post on here with no problems from now on (crossing my fingers that it will last).

Oh the woes of internet censorship.


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