Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Knight

Shinning knight, I mourn the
You wear on your back.

Darling knight, I mourn the
of blush from your cheeks.

Daring knight, I mourn the
You can’t accept.
The darkness
that you hate,
the false face you swear by.

Lost knight, I mourn the
useless map you once had.
The comfort it held
as you imagined 
and longed for the day
you would follow its marked path.

Oh faithful knight, I mourn the
You and your wife have created,
that the world has created…

Oh My Knight,
I watch you horseless,
and un-mourning

So I mourn for you 
in your stead
My Dear Knight.


A poem from a monologue I wrote for my live performance creative writing class back in 2011. I've edited it a bit into what I hope to be its final version. I am pretty happy with it for now anyway.

This will mark my return to blogging more often again. I tend to have dips in my emotional state and once those level out I'm never sure how to get back to what made me feel okay. It's as simple as just getting on with it I suppose. 

I will still be writing some Iran post every now and then, the rest of my posts will be a bit more random. Like myself. 

Yay for writing!


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