Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh My Internet Woes | Customer Service in Iran

After three days of no Internet it is good to be back. On the one hand it was only three days so in hindsight it really isn't that big of a deal but then again, it was THREE DAYS! Oh our Internet addicted culture...

What's worse, our satellite connection at home uses Internet so we couldn't watch the majority of the channels. We ended up watching a bunch of movies instead (and I read of course). First world problems am I right?

So yeah, it wasn't a tragedy but at the same time it's interesting to see how dependent we have become to a computer and the worlds it can transport us to. If you have a question, a doubt on how to do something or are simply curious about the life-cycle of the lady bug, you simply open your friendly neighborhood search engine, type your query and press enter. It's that simple. We can live without it of course, but it makes us think we can't. That's something that I feel is really important to remember.

Anyway, being that this is Wednesday it is technically an Iran culture post and before I continue I just want to say that the following opinions are mine and mine alone, some might agree with me while others won't but this is the way I see things here in Iran.

Customer service here is not the best, it isn't that good in Mexico either but I think Iran wins by a hair at the very least.

Having someone from a company, whether it be Internet, telephone or what have you, arrive at the time agreed upon is worthy of being called a small miracle. Iranians, like Mexicans actually, are not known for their punctuality and at times they don't care even if you need help (I'm talking customer service here. The average Iranian on the street is totally willing to help if a person is in need.)

That was basically the problem we had with the Internet. It stopped working due to lightning hitting the companies satellites and they assured us that the problem would be fixed by late afternoon. That was three days ago. It took us three days to get someone to our house to reconfigure the modem, charge us for it and then be on their merry way. It's annoying but it happens.

Now I know that customer service in many other countries isn't much better and because of this it would be interesting to compare and contrast. In the Czech Republic it isn't too bad and in Japan it is actually quite good. If anybody out there in Internet land would like to share their experience with customer service in their own country or one they've been to, I would love to read about it.

Disclaimer: What I write in my blog posts are all my own personal opinions. And while here I talk generally of Iranians as a whole that does not mean that I think every Iranian is that way. Not all Iranians are the same just like not all Mexicans are the same. I for one hate being late and am actually quite punctual while many Mexicans are not. There are a little bit of everything in every culture and I try to always keep that in mind. 

p.s. Thanks for reading! You're awesome!

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