Monday, March 25, 2013

Skinny Little Liars

ABC's Pretty Little Liars

So lately I've had the urge to watch a series without having to wait week to week. So I decided to give Pretty Little Liars season three a go.

I'm not exactly a fan since I always end up losing interest in the story line whenever I would watch this show week to week but I did manage to watch season one and part of season two for a short while a few years back. I watched the season finale of season two just to see who "A" turned out to be and I found the episode... blah. But that is of course only my opinion.

 I have nothing against the show but it's never been anything I've found to be too worthwhile. I get distracted from the story line by other things. And it's the other things that are keeping me watching at this point.

For example, I'm always slightly shocked by how stylish these girls are, just to go to school. Maybe it was just different when I went to high school, or it could be that because I went to high school in Mexico and we used uniforms I find their choice of clothes a little much. But then again I've never really been that interested in fashion so that may just be me. They do look pretty I'll give them that.

I'm also very interested in the relationship between media and image and because this is a show with mainly a female cast it intrigues me. I like to pay attention to how girls and women are portrayed in popular media. The girls are gorgeous and a little on the thin side but in the end you could say that they at least don't look sick... except for one.

Tammin Sursok
 The character Jenna Marshall, played by Tammin Sursok makes me feel uncomfortable every time I see her. The sunglasses hide it a bit, but when she takes them off, her face looks so skeletal it's creepy. I don't think she looked that thin in season one. I feel like I need little to no imagination to see through her skin and see what's behind it. It scares me to think that some girls when they watch this show, see fashionable young girls and could think, "I like her, I need to look just like her."

Being thin is not a crime of course, but showing girls that it's okay and acceptable to be so dangerously thin is wrong. Hollywood keeps themselves from hiring actresses of a certain weight (even if it's a completely healthy weight) from starring in certain roles. Why can't they do the same when other actresses start to look more like bones with skin than a beautiful healthy woman?

"I'm sorry, we can't hire you unless you gain some weight."

That would benefit women all over the world a lot more than having them feel like they have to starve themselves to be what they see on TV.

My two cents.

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