Friday, March 29, 2013

Penny and Aggie | A Webcomic Review

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I love a good webcomic. There are hundreds out there on the internet but I always find it tough to find ones that I become really invested in. One of the first comics I ever started reading and stuck with to the end was Penny and Aggie. A story of two high school enemies whose character development is fun, interesting and worth reading.

In the beginning the plot is so subtle that it is almost non-existent, but it's there all the same and as you read it becomes more and more apparent. You are slowly brought into their story and many decide to stay and see how it ends. 

The comic starts out PG but as the story progresses a little about half way through it blends into a PG-13 story. It starts to deal with more than just high school rivalries, delving into relationships, sex, love, eating disorders, sexual identity and more. It is still fun and light but also deals with more serious issues that some high schoolers experience.

Penny and Aggie challenge each other and the evolution of their story is fun to watch but they are not the only characters in the story worth following.  You have Lisa who just wants to have fun, Sara who tries to find herself, Nick who tries to be father and mother to her daughter, and a dozen more characters with their own back stories.  

And the best part about this comic is that it's completed. It started back in 2004 and recently finished in 2011 so there is no need to wait for any updates. So if you're looking for something to read online at your own pace, and with a good story line then I definitely recommend Penny and Aggie.

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