Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Iran in Pictures

Waiting for Gas

Tehran is a bustling city that is usually host to traffic and crowds of people who cross the street whenever they please. And while city life can be exciting it can also be overwhelming and exhausting at times. So many Iranians make it a point to take some time to travel outside Tehran and enjoy a slower pace, cleaner air and beautiful landscapes.

Not sure of the title for this one but I really like it!

 Erdipa Wirengjurit (I just call him Dipa) is a very good friend of mine from Indonesia that I met here in Tehran while studying Farsi. He is, among other things, a very talented photographer. I decided to snoop through his files - with his permission of course - and choose my favorite shots to share through my blog and he was all for it. So all the pictures you see in this entry belong to him and were taken in Iran. FYI, he's also the one that took the picture of the pomegranate that I'm currently using as the header of my blog.

What did you want me to buy?
These corner stores, true to their name, are all over Iran from cities to villages. Some want to charge you more than others but don't worry, everything is negotiable here in Iran. Never forget to ask for Tafif (a discount).


I love this picture so much. In all its high-def glory it looks even better. Here is a link so you can get a little closer to that quality and enjoy the small details that make this picture so awesome.

Motorcycles are another common site here in Iran. They get through traffic quicker except on the days when traffic is so bad that even they are blocked by a wall of cars, and to get around that it is not uncommon to have to keep out of one of these machine's way as you walk on the sidewalk.

Running Mirage

 Children playing, running through a dried up river in Esfahan under one of the city's famous bridges.

 And this final picture is my absolute favorite. The way the branches frame the elderly man is like a picture within a picture. His timing was spot on and the man, his cane, and their shadows are just perfect.

For more of Dipa's awesomeness you can check out his deviantART page here. He has more pictures on his hard drive than in his account but he is currently working on updating it. And this won't be the last time you see his pictures on my blog. I plan to continue using his talents in the future until he get's tired of it. I've asked him if he can take a few city shots as well, scenes that are quite different from what we have shared with you today.

So stay tuned and THANK YOU Dipa! You're awesome!


Disclamer: All photos in this blog post belong to Erdipa Wirengjurit and were used with his permission. If you want to use his pictures ASK HIM! or at the very least attribute and link to his deviantART page.

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  1. I just saw the link in your side bar and clicked, those pictures are gorgeous. Dipa is one talented photographer :) That last one especially is so moving, as you say it's a photo within a photo and it tells a whole story.



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